Exhibition Promotion

Our resources bring you a greatest success.

Two organizers of the exhibition insisted on cumulating,mastering and updating the heavy machinery buyers’s database through channels, media, domestic and foreign partners in past 10 years. Now there is more than 150,000 buyers with limited data, which has 30% more in an active procurement needs. 80,000 visitors are expected to visit the exhibition from the industrial sector.

Full impact of the users

We will invited worldwide users those who comes from metallurgy, mining, material handling, ports, construction and others to participate in our exhibition. The organizers will assist on-site procurement pairing for the purchase of special applications.

Full range of propaganda and promotion is to build a platform of the highest investment value for money for you

Before the exhibition, we will send electronic newsletters, mailing exhibition information, and send a phone message to more than 150,000 potential audiences. We will also advertise on hundreds of the industry and public media.

There will be nearly 200 professional mass media reporters from Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Russia, India, China and other countries and regions use television, radio, newspapers, magazines networks and variety of media means to have a comprehensive and detailed reports during the exhibition.

New information from exhibitors will be showed on Heavymachineryasia.com. You will contact with purchasers from all over the world without distance. This is not only a four-day exhibition, but a 365-day event. The activities of buyer’s club help exhibitors get the chance to interact with purchasers, get information and promote the brand throughout the year.

World-class facilities and services let exhibitors have an unprecedented experience

Shanghai New International Expo Centre is the largest and most advanced exhibition in Asia.

Our exhibition will bring more than twenty thousand buyers form industry seniors and decision-makers.

The professional audiences come from almost 69 countries and regions. One sixth of the them are seeking the latest technology.