Onsite Conference & Events


31st October
-2nd October 2017

9:30-17:00  Hall N2, Booth F2  CeMAT ASIA Innovation Salon
31st October 20179:30-16:30  Hall W3, Booth H1

Material Handling & Logistics Warehousing system Integration
Application Engineering Summit 2017

31st October 20179:30-16:00  Hall W4, Booth H1

2017 (4th) MM Modern Logistics Technology and Equipment
 Innovation Forum

31st October 20179:30-15:40  Meeting Room W2-M9

2017 Manufaction Industry Green Development and Intelligent
 Logistics Forum

31st October

-3rd November 2017

10:00-16:00  Hall W4, Booth H2China Industry Truck Innovation Award(CITIA)

31st October
-2nd November 2017

9:30-17:00  Hall W2, Booth H36th KuMao cup China logistic action-Shanghai

31st October
-2nd November 2017

9:30-17:00  Hall W1,  Booth J3-3LT awards innovation products Tour

31st October
-2nd November 2017

9:30-17:00  Hall W1, Booth J3-3Soo56 Day
31st October 201713:00-16:30  Meeting Room W3-M5The Ninth Sino-Japanese Logistics Technology Exchange Conference
31st October 201713:00-17:00  Meeting Room W3-M4Unitized Logistics Status and Development Conference
1st November 20179:00-17:00     Meeting Room W3-M10Seminar on Future Trends in Urban Distribution
1st November 20179:00-12:00  Meeting Room W2-M92017 BYD Forklift New Products' Promotion Meeting
1st November 201710:00-16:00  Hall W3, Booth H1

Food and Beverage Intelligent Packaging and Logistics Application Forum

1st November 201710:30-15:00  Hall W4, Booth H1Food Supply Chain
1st November 201713:00-16:00  Meeting Room W2-M3Intelligent warehouse solutions create Intralogistics 4.0
1st November 201713:00-15:00  Meeting Room W2-M9

Tongpu New Product Launching for Switzerland Blubotics ANT
Navigation System

1st November 201713:30-15:30  Meeting Room W4-M7

The application of intelligent logistics equipment in goods sorting,
unloading and up/down-stair delivering

1st November 201714:00-16:00  Meeting Room W4-M6HITACHI Sway Control Hoist Presentation
2nd November 20179:30-12:00  Meeting Room W2-M3

-"Most innovative"Theme Forum and Road show

2nd November 20179:30-16:00  Hall W3, Booth H1

2017 China logistics famous brand award ceremony
- 2017 China logistics andtechnical equipment procurement and selection seminar

2nd November 20179:30-12:00  Hall W4, Booth H1The 2nd Seminar on New Technology of China Industrial Trucks 
2nd November 201713:30-16:30  Hall W4, Booth H1

Cross-industry Exchange Meeting
on Innovative Logistics Service Model 2017

2nd November 20179:30-12:00  Hall N2, Booth F1

How to generate team innovation momentum under the trend of
intelligent manufacturing?

3rd November 20179:30-12:00  Hall W3, Booth H1LCIA of Auto Industrial
3rd November 20179:30-12:00  Hall W4, Booth H1Smart Logistics Forum
31st October 20179:00-18:30  Hall N1International Rental Conference 2017

A top-level forum for discussion, debate and networking for the world’s construction
equipment rental industry



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